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Diana Littman PR Council Chair

02.01.24 / MSL Staff

The PR Council Elects MSL U.S. CEO Diana Littman as 2024 Chair of Its Board of Directors

The PR Council has elected MSL U.S. CEO Diana Littman as its 2024 Chair of the Board of Directors.

MSL U.S. CEO Diana Littman has been elected as the 2024 Chair of The PR Council’s Board of Directors. In this role, Diana will bring focus and urgency to the organization's mission of helping leaders build more valued and valuable agencies in a period of enormous change and opportunity.

“Our world is changing at an incredibly rapid clip, from technological innovation to geopolitical issues, from polarization to climate change, and more,” Littman said. “Agencies cannot settle for keeping pace – we must set the pace to continue to thrive and deliver a best-in-class experience for our people and results for our clients. The PR Council’s 2024 strategic focus on ‘What’s Next is Now,’ ensures we are uniquely equipped to do just that.”

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