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Vicks #TouchOfCare


Saluting the spirit of human care as the ultimate definition of a family despite the barrier of societal prejudice.

Client Vicks VapoRub
Region APAC
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

The brand had to break the shackles of a typical family by going beyond product selling to touch upon selflessness and universal care that exists outside the orthodox beliefs of Indian social values and structures.

The Solution

Vicks’ communication is woven around the sentiment that some special bonds transcend blood-ties. #TouchOfCare spotlights a unique relationship built on care, devoid of age, economic status, caste/creed and gender. The campaign is a heart-warming real life story of Gauri Sawant, a transgender who takes on the responsibility of a young girl Gayatri.

The PR strategy revolved around initiating conversations that were appreciative and respectful towards unconventional relationships nurtured by care. The media playground was a fair mix of new age media (social + online) and traditional media (radio, newspapers and TV).

The Results

PR over achieved its full campaign KPI by +10% while Mother Pukka’s first two videos have over delivered by a combined +150%.

The campaign was featured on a variety of publications like Campaign U.K., Netmums (reach: 8,500,000), Yahoo Style! (reach: 6,000,000), (reach: 2,789,970), TheDrum (reach: 15,000), Iceni Magazine (reach: 12,500), (reach: 21,300), Motherhood: The Real Deal (reach: 11,070), Parenting Talk (reach: 31,000) and Chopsy Baby (reach: 60,000).

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