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Vicks – One in a Million #TouchOfCare


Vicks, a 125-year old legacy brand with ‘care’ in its DNA was battling to stay relevant in the changing times. To emotionally resonate with the evolving consumer dynamics, Vicks resorted to recalibrate the story of ‘care’ with a digital film - #TouchOfCare.

Region APAC
Practices Social Purpose and Sustainability

The Challenge

With an objective to strike conversations around the transformational power of care, propel eyeballs for digital film, and turn rejection to acceptance for Nisha while opening hearts for specially-abled children; below were the challenges faced by the PR:

  • Repackaging an existing story:

Nisha’s story was first unravelled to the world 5 years ago on one of India’s leading national television program- Satyamev Jayate, which was anchored by Amir Khan, the ace Bollywood actor. This show was widely viewed by audiences and was massively written about by the media. Hence, reiterating the same story after five years with the media and consumers was a challenge.

  • Surpassing the expectations of an award-winning campaign:

As a second edition to the extremely popular award-winning campaign, the campaign was faced with the challenge of not only surpassing the expectations from the previous year and cross the video views but also to create significant visibility for the story, which was novel but not new.

  • Shining amongst the webs of the Indian #MeToo movement:

The campaign faced with the challenge of surviving in the heated and emotionally heightened wave of the Indian #MeToo movement that dominated the Indian news space at the time of the campaign’s launch. This could have easily led to high jacking of the event with the Bollywood celebrities being dragged into the #MeToo conversations, which eventually would have sidelined the conversation and brand’s messaging around #TouchOfCare.

The Solution

Present Nisha, a child who was rejected at birth by her biological parents, like a ‘Star’ worthy of love and admiration from millions across India.

The Strategy

  • A Star is born: To build the narrative, PR decided to launch Nisha’s story in a larger than life theatrical preview, projecting it as the debut of THE STAR.
  • Leverage Bollywood and Cricket influence to garner support for Nisha’s story: In India, Bollywood and Cricket are followed as a religion and to ride on its influence, the theatrical preview was strategically hosted in Mumbai—the epicenter of the two. This served as a perfect platform to trigger conversations by building intrigue for Nisha’s story.
  • Set the context through thoughtful panel discussion: To set a context for Nisha’s story and amplify conversations, PR hosted a panel discussion with extraordinary caregivers, including Nisha’s adoptive parents, celebrities and sportspeople.
  • The national launch of the digital film through a simulcast: To unravel the digital film to the offline platforms across the country, PR simulcast thetheatrical preview across 6 cities that was attended by journalists who took the film far and wide to the audiences.
  • Engage with digital influencers to amplify conversations: To drive and sustain meaningful, impactful and influential conversations, PR carefully determined the right set of influencers who stand for the causes that align with the brand ethos, including education, adoption and children welfare.
  • Leveraging the power of online communities: PR engaged with online bloggers, Facebook communities and YouTube reviewers to sustain the digital chatter and amplify the reach of the video.
  • Strategic Partnerships to reach an offline audience: To reach to a wider offline audience, PR partnered with entertainment platforms and speakership forums.

The Execution

  • The PR execution began by building intrigue around Nisha’s debut as a ‘One in a Million star’, with a screening of the digital film being held in Mumbai. PR invited journalists, Bollywood and Cricket celebrities including Gautam Gambhir, Soha Alia Khan, and Shriya Saran to be a part of the theatrical preview, showcasing Nisha’s story on a grandeur scale.
  • As a second edition of the campaign, PR built seamless continuity with the passing of the #TouchOfCare mnemonic from the current Vicks mother, Gauri Sawant to the new Vicks mother, Dr. Aloma.
  • PR leveraged the screening to drive conversations around the ‘transformational power of care’ through a panel discussion with the extraordinary caregivers, Gauri Sawant, Dr. Aloma, Bollywood and Cricket celebrities.
  • The live screening and press conference was simulcast in 6 major Indian cities including Bangalore, Indore, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chennai and Hyderabad, to reach the length and breadth of India. This enabled panelists including Nisha, Dr. Aloma and the other dignitaries to address the journalists from across the country.
  • PR reached out to 700 key stakeholders and digital influencers, including parliamentarians, actors, sportspersons, government and international organizations such as Shashi Tharoor, Mahesh Bhupathi, Neha Dhupia, Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and UNICEF. The influential personalities and government bodies joined the digital chatter, thereby directly boosting the views for the film.
  • PR targeted Facebook communities, YouTube reviewers and online bloggers such as Jaby Koay, Shifa Merchant, Sheroes, and HerStory to amplify the digital chatter.
  • To unravel the film to the real world, PR partnered with Carnival Cinemas, a multiplex chain that played the film pro bono in 26 cities. PR also took Nisha’s inspiring story to the Ted Talks platform to present her story as an epitome example of care.

The Results

PR results:

  • The video went viral within 24 hours of the film’s launch
  • 323+ media exposures were secured with the earned PR value of USD 700,000
  • 749 million impressions were garnered with over 19 million engagements

Business Results:

  • Consumer offtake grew by 21% as compared to the previous year and value share in the cough and cold category grew by 1.5 pts vs year ago within 30 days of the launch
  • Market share increased to a new high of 48.3% as a result of Vicks growing 5% faster than the rest of the category
  • 2% month on month top of mind awareness increase and growth of 2.2% in market share post the campaign


  • The response to the film was enormous with appreciation coming from around the world
  • Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), was overwhelmed and inspired by the film and uploaded the film on their social media properties to encourage other families to lend #TouchofCare to specially-abled children.
  • An outpour of messages from people positively impacted by the film with a transformed view towards specially-abled children
  • PR was successful in garnering love an­d support for specially-abled children
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