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SPARK: Igniting a Passion for Science


Development of an employee engagement campaign that involved mobilizing thousands of employees of a merged company around a single common goal.

Region North America
Practices Employee

The Challenge

The life sciences subsidiary of Merck, known as Merck Millipore, was created through the acquisition of Millipore. Merck Millipore sought to mobilize thousands of employees during a two-week timeframe to participate in the launch of a re-imagined global CSR program.

The Solution

We helped bring employees of the merged company together through a CSR program designed to build participation among company leaders and employees around a common goal important to all. The program, SPARK: Igniting a Passion for Science, was designed to raise interest in science among students. We helped corporate and site leaders become program champions with a “Sign Up,” “Show Up” and “Share Out” behaviors that formed the basis of the strategy.

The program:

  • Engaged 62,500 students, exceeding goal
  • 79% of students reported increased knowledge and confidence in science
  • Over 4,600 employees volunteered for over 19,500 hours at 1,200 events around the world
  • Over 200 employee stories were generated and shared through a communications portal
  • 6,500 employee commented on the program

The press release, titled “Millipore Sigma Launches Global Science Education Program to Inspire Future Scientists,” distributed on March 7, 2016 resulted in 224 placements garnering 88,278,469 impressions.

Local media outlets covered the SPARK program by publishing the press release in key U.S. markets via the Milwaukee journal Sentinel, Boston business Journal, KUSI News and the St. Louis Business journal

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