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Shape Your City


Heineken launched a limited “City Edition” in 18 cities including Hong Kong with a global concept “Shape Your City” with the intent of sharing and celebrating the love and pride of the city with consumers.

Region APAC
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

Hong Kong’s urban population seemed to have are lost their passion for the city. People took it for granted as a place for work and living. It was crucial to come up with a smart idea to ignite local passions while maintaining Heineken’s leading position in the market and reinforcing the brand’s connection with their target audience, the “men of the world”.

The Solution

We kick-started the campaign by hosting an event for traditional media and social influencers to generate awareness and encourage wider audience to join a series of parties. After the launch, Heineken’s fans and friends were invited to the parties on a moving tram by registering through a Facebook page, the campaign website, or by scanning the QR codes that were marked on the new ‘City Edition’ Heineken beer cans and bottles.

In less than a month the ‘Shape Your City’ campaign proved to be very popular in Hong Kong:


  • Total sales volume during the campaign period in 2016 exceeded significantly over that of the Heineken’s brand campaign in 2015.
  • Digital display advertisements delivered over 7.9 million impressions, 3.4 million video views and drove over 74,000 clicks.
  • Facebook activation delivered over 3.5 million impressions, 52,000 video views and over 16,800 audience engagement (likes, comments, and shares). 
  • Facebook paid engagement performed twice over that of Heineken’s 2015 activation.
  • The campaign garnered over 160 print and online articles, 117 social posts.
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