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Salterbaxter MSL Innovation Day 2017


1 Day. 2 Cities. 12 Social Enterprises. 200 Participants.

Region EMEA
Practices Social Purpose and Sustainability

The Challenge

How can we get more people to volunteer to help reduce food waste? How can we raise awareness of our app that helps underserved populations, among stakeholder audiences that include government? How can we transition our social enterprise from one product to two? How do we tell the story of our social enterprise through social media? How can we successfully run a crowdsourcing campaign? These were just some of the challenges that we tackled during Innovation Day 2017.

The following social enterprises were involved: Infused Learning, Fat Macy’s, Be Enriched, Snact, REACH, Lotus Brook, KIT Theatre, DiscoverU, Change Please, Chaigram in London; and Propel and Rescuing Leftover Cuisine in NYC. It was our sixth Innovation day made possible by our partnership with Unltd in London and our first in NYC with the support of Blue Ridge Labs.

The Approach

Twelve inter-agency teams from Salterbaxter and MSL, along with Publicis Groupe colleagues in both London and NYC, gathered to support twelve social enterprises in developing their brand, communications, products and marketing approaches.

In support of Publicis Groupe’s participation in the Common Ground project, the theme for Innovation Day 2017 was food. Publicis Groupe has committed to supporting SDG2 (Sustainable Development Goals), working towards zero hunger and to help raise awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Conclusion

Each team had designed a co-creation workshop to deliver outcomes meeting the social entrepreneur’s brief ahead of the day. Deliverables included; product launch materials, social media training and assets, communications concepts, toolkits and plans, website design and UX, event planning and promotion. The work was presented back to all participants at the end of the day in a celebratory atmosphere. Some teams have stayed in touch and completed additional work using their own volunteer days.

Feedback on the experience from the social enterprises focused on how much was achieved in one day and confirmed that the work was being used, having a positive impact and helping them achieve their goals. For example, both Snact and Fat Macy’s have run successful crowdfunding campaigns (for a new product and a new event space) which made use of materials and ideas from Innovations Day.

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