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#IamASharkaholic, a striking campaign that spoke to the aspirations and ambitions of the Asian consumer through the spirit of the shark - Paul&Shark's iconic logo - as the king of the ocean.

Region APAC
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

Italian luxury athleisure brand Paul&Shark wanted to launch its new concept store in Hong Kong, Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong championed a holistic approach and partnered with MSL Greater China (with staff from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China) and Luminous MSL. From ideation to planning to PR and experiential, the combined strengths of these agencies from Publicis Communications gave birth to #IamASharkaholic.

#IamASharkaholic celebrates those who dare to explore endless new boundaries and become someone in whose footsteps others would follow. This originated from the brand's obsession with innovation by way of combining technical details and fabrics with fashion-forward design features.

The Solution

The team invited internationally-acclaimed visual artist Chen Man to photograph celebrities and fashion icons including Chen Xiao, Kary Ng, Jason Chan, Amber An and Lego Lee who embody the courage and perseverance of Sharkaholics. Recently, a photographic exhibition of Chen Man's #IamASharkaholic masterpieces inaugurated the grand opening of the Paul&Shark's new flagship concept store at ELEMENTS.

The team oversaw all event management and production aspects, as well as invited nearly 200 celebrities and KOLs, together with media, from around the world to mark this high point in Paul&Shark's business.

The Conclusion

"Publicis Groupe's pioneering 'The Power of One' strategy that mobilizes all agency resources to provide impactful solutions and professional services in all dimensions from creativity to planning to execution is a game changer in our industry," said Michael Lee, Publicis Communications Greater China CEO.

"It is remarkable to have the king of the ocean partner with the king of the land together on this significant milestone, as it showcases our inter-agency collaboration at its best. The multifaceted nature of Paul&Shark's integrated campaign demonstrates how triumphant this strategy is in practice, and, more importantly, how it can deliver fantastic marketing results. I'm proud of how such campaigns offer real business value to our clients."

Featured on: Campaign Brief Asia

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