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No Belt, No Drive Safety


Parents are responsible for teaching children about safety but these lessons don’t always follow through. AXA addressed children’s seatbelt safety issue by empowering children to help their parents be more safety-minded.

Region APAC
Practices Social Purpose and Sustainability

The Challenge

Despite AXA’s “Protection in Action” positioning in China, the connection between “protection” and “insurance activities” remained unclear. Hence it was vital to tip its image and brand awareness while speaking about the need of seatbelt safety.

The Solution

AXA created a video and education program targeting parents, involving schools. During the six-month campaign, 125,000+ children and parents joined mobile classrooms to learn about seatbelt safety. AXA’s WeChat official account added 170,000+ followers.

An independent study showed 94% of parents agreed that partnering with AXA made sense, and 77% positively linked AXA with the citizenship campaign.

After the campaign, consumers considering AXA insurance increased from 25% to 34%, while consumers’ intention to buy the insurance in the future increased from 9% to 15%.

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