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Nathan Drake’s Treasure


Nathan Drake’s Treasure is a PR campaign for PlayStation Poland to launch a flagship game - Uncharted 4. We partnered with the most popular Polish mapping app to create a real-life treasure-hunting adventure right out of the video game.

The Challenge

Our Polish team faced a series of enormous challenges: it was already the fourth installment of the game; there wasn’t any local context for the game’s storyline; and the Polish public was unfamiliar with the game’s protagonist.

The Solution

Engage the public by using a platform the target audience uses every day by incorporating elements of gamification. We turned to - Poland’s most popular route-planning app for public transport, in this case a real life treasure hunt.
The campaign’s communication plan combined the game’s treasure hunt theme with technological solutions ie. - Poland’s most popular route-planning app for public transport.
Fifty treasures in parcel pick-up lockers were hidden across 6 Polish cities. The parcel locations were revealed in the app and website and the PlayStation Poland Facebook page. Whoever got there first, was the winner. The treasure hunt contest was planned for one week yet it was so popular that all the parcels were found within three hours.
For the Polish journalists, we organized interviews with the game’s producer, Ricky Cambier and also invited selected media to the Uncharted 4 premiere in Warsaw (Poland) and the European premiere in Rome (Italy).
An extended review programme for journalists unfamiliar with video games was also arranged, while Polish YouTubers contributed with a satirical news website, which published a series of articles about Uncharted 4.
The contest post on the PlayStation Poland Facebook profile got 290 likes, 255 within the first two hours and 42,000 users clicked banners in the app within the first three hours. Uncharted 4 banners were displayed on between May 10th and 13th. At the time, had 3,200,000 unique users a month and nearly 40,000,000 searches for connections.

The Results

The campaign was covered by 96 (non-gaming) publications over a period of three months generating around 300 stories. The AVE of these publications reached over PLN 2,500,000 (approx. EUR 590 000).

The Awards

Nathan Drake’s Treasure received a Silver award in “Złote Spinacze 2016”- a prestigious contest for best PR projects organized by the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association.

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