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Local Heroes – Fucecchio


The project, developed by Publicis Italia, created a direct relationship between the local authorities of a small village –Fucecchio in Tuscany -and its residents.

Region EMEA
Practices Reputation Management and Corporate Communications

The Challenge

Preserve the identity of the small village of Fucecchio in Tuscany by creating a direct relationship between the local authorities and its residents.Italy has around 6000 small villages. All of them have their own unique personalities that are going to be forgotten. The Municipality of Fucecchio, a small village in Tuscany, wanted to preserve its identity by creating a stronger relationship with its residents (23492 people), change the perception of the village among them and reinforce the sense of belonging to the community thanks to their direct participation. 

The Solution

Publicis Italia observed that in small villages in Italy everything speaks of their unique culture: buildings, statues, food, etc. Except for the streets. In each town, the street names are the same and most of them have nothing to do with local life. The people that have done something important for the local community are not remembered. Local Heroes is a project to dedicate the street names to the local living citizens that have had a crucial role in the community, by replacing the existing ones. People submitted personalities via a microsite, told their story, why they deserved to be remembered and selected a street from Google maps.Once the story was uploaded, it was examined by a designated commission for the final approval, before becoming a new street name. The campaign was amplified by a strong media relations press office carried out by MSL Italia

The Strategy

The population of Fucecchio was our target audience (23496). They love their village and they love to talk about it on the social media local groups.Publicis Italia launched the project thanks to a video call-to-action that the Municipality posted on its own social media channels and it was immediately shared by the most popular local social media groups and immediately amplified by local press and TV channels. The message of the project earned the attention of regional media that started to talk about it and activated in around 2 weeks more than the 80% of the Fucecchio population.

The Results

  • 19321 residents out of 23492 visited the website, with 3 minutes average engagement
  • 22 million media impressions
  • 23 small villages already confirmed that will adopt the same project
  • The streets have preserved the history of Fucecchio
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