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Inspiring Nature Lovers With #24uurnatuur


How do you get the public excited about yet another new government policy, let alone encourage them to enthusiastically contribute to its creation?

Region EMEA
Practices Public Affairs

The Challenge

The Netherlands needed a new Natural Environment Policy: the existing one was 20 years old and did not reflect developments in climate, water safety, health and the environment, from loss of biodiversity to the growing part played by corporate responsibility. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs set us the stiff challenge of engaging the Dutch public in the dull topic of drawing up a new policy, and making it relevant to people of all ages.

The Solution

The solution was to turn a potentially dry stakeholder event into a public celebration of the Dutch countryside and natural environment. Existing plans for a small policy-forming ‘Natuurtop’ (Nature Summit) were amplified into a full ‘24 Hours of Nature’, with events by nature organisations and activities across the country, including bird spotting, beach clean-ups, vegetable planting and night walks.

The Results

  • Double the target number of stakeholders
  • 10,000 participants
  • 4,400 tweets using the #24uurnatuur
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Engaging the Dutch with Nature

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