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An award-winning campaign in France to drive awareness of IKEA's commitment to sustainability

Region EMEA
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

IKEA wanted to target online communities interested in sustainable development, IKEA customers and the general public to educate them about food waste, and to unveil dedicated sustainable product designs available at IKEA. The aim was to activate local influencers around 29 IKEA stores across France, generating maximum visibility on social networks during the company’s Sustainable Development Week.

The Solution

We invited 29 influential food bloggers to take part in a cooking contest, titled "Zero Waste", in each of France’s 29 IKEA stores in France. A video teaser drove interest and engagement, while a dedicated presence across all IKEA websites and social accounts helped spread the word to the general public.

The Results

7000 new followers


Winner in the Top Com 2014 'Sustainable Development' category

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