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GSK - Loving Touch Matters


Generating social awareness for GSK's Oilatum

Region EMEA
Practices Reputation Management and Corporate Communications

The Challenge

A survey conducted in Poland in 2012 revealed that 70% of children in the country are not hugged by their parents. GSK asked us to create a social awareness campaign for its brand Oilatum, a product that treats and soothes dry skin, that would address cultural barriers and talk about the importance of "touch" for a child's development and well-being. The Loving Touch Matters campaign’s challenge was to reach parents and the part of Poland's medical community that focuses on children. Its aim was to increase understanding of the importance of loving touch in a child’s emotional, physical and social development.

The Solution

MSL Poland created a scientifically-driven educational programme that was designed with, and supported by, a selection of Poland’s top childcare professionals including doctors, nurses and midwives. The online resources and ensuing media coverage provided parents and caregivers with invaluable information and advice, and the engagement of Key Opinion Leaders resulted in a serious public debate about the importance of loving, physical touch in a society in which 70% of parents do not hug their children.

The three-month long “Loving touch” campaign successfully created a strong community of people interested in learning more and receiving information about the healing properties of physical touch and the effect of daily hugs on children’s development.

The Results

100,000 fans on Facebook
87,000 visits to the website
9,400 hugs

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