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Attracting consumers by giving a lifestyle dimension to a technical brand

The Challenge

Enhance the image of a technical brand by giving it a lifestyle dimension, while attracting a greater number of consumers.

The Solution

The agency relied on three levers of action:

  • Prioritize and target the most strategic consumer communities for Garmin, then define the most appropriate media. (Vivo and Forerunner range for female, athletic and beginner communities through women's magazines, and the range Fenix 3 for athletes through the sports, male and vertical press.)
  • Insert Garmin products into a colorful and technological visual universe to enrich the sports characteristics of the product.
  • Engage a network of journalists and e-influencers ambassadors in a powerful brand experience -- an athletic press trip to Saisies, a golf initiation day for influencers of the "parents" community -- according to their interests and athletic abilities.

The Results

  • 600 media stories in six months
  • 20% of the coverage in lifestyle
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