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Evernote - The Perfect Human Memory Extension


We helped showcase Evernote as the perfect human memory extension increasing their user base in India by 186%.

Region APAC
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

Evernote is a multi-platform web and mobile application that helps people take and access notes. The company tasked the agency with creating brand salience for the company and the application in India. Out of the several targeted stakeholder interactions, one vital finding was that people didn’t pay attention to the company, behind the small 2x2 centimeter app on their phones. In addition, people don’t download an app for its mechanical benefit; they download it for the intangible benefit they receive after downloading it. With no presence in the market, no marketing and a negligible base of 20,000 users, there were many hurdles to overcome.

The Solution

We helped showcase Evernote as the perfect human memory extension by engaging with all smartphone users, not just those that are tech savvy. To engage busy, young urbanites, we decided to help them remember. Evernote became the helpful partner that was more than an app - it was an extension of the human memory.

The Results

Evernote's user base in India grew by 186% and the social media follower base increased by 300%.


Cloud App of the Year 2012 by Stuff Magazine

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