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Engaging the Dutch with Nature


Involvement of Dutch citizens in conservation of the beautiful Dutch nature and new plans to spark external funding for The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (Ministerie van Economische Zaken).

Region EMEA
Practices Public Affairs

The Challenge

The Netherlands has beautiful nature, which not all citizens are aware of. To maintain and preserve this flora and fauna for future generations it was necessary to draw the Dutch citizen’s attention to this problem by getting them involved in nature conservation.

The Solution

We created a mock election that asked Dutch citizens to vote for their favorite natural park.

To make this election successful, our team appealed to citizens by a cross media strategy: offline and online PR, social media and direct marketing. Majority of the voting was conducted online. All parks activated their fans to drive voting results. Each park engaged a famous regional influencer to serve as an ambassador. Meanwhile, TV personality Floortje Dessing created a campaign video for each park, working with local nature experts.

The election generated more than 87,000 votes. Various parks have made new plans to stimulate citizen engagement and collaborations thanks to this initiative. Stakeholders were brought together and parks were inspired with new ideas for external funding opportunities.
The campaign generated more than 200 articles (online and offline) in 21 days in all Dutch national and regional newspapers.

  • Regional print reach: 2.2 million. Coverage in every regional newspaper of the Netherlands.
  • National print reach: 2.1 million. Including coverage in every leading daily newspaper.
  • TV reach: over 3.5 million viewers via national news broadcasting and the highest viewed talk shows (DWDD and RTL Late Night).
  • The election received 87.903 votes vs target 50.000 votes and the social media reach exceeded 28 million potential views.
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