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Dacia The Swap


“Dacia the Swap” engaged and gave voice to young Italian workers who sacrifice a lot to reach their goals, often by working during the weekends while sacrificing their passion of supporting their football favorite football team at the stadium.

Region EMEA
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

Dacia wanted to give visibility to the challenges of young Italian workers who in recent years have been defined by public opinion as “mammoni” -- people who don't want to work and lack the desire to be economically independent. The young workers' status is not a priority for the Italian government, hence addressing their problems became an important opportunity for Dacia.

The Solution

“The Swap” was created as a contest that enabled young workers to swap positions with football players on a given Sunday in order to be able to cheer their team at the stadium. The campaign’s objective was to increase the brand’s affinity with its target audience of young people inspiring them to help overcome any kind of obstacles and live their passions.

The results were spectacular:

  • Nearly 1.500.000 people watched the game and the campaign was covered by all major Italian national TV and press outlets.
  • Dacia’s Facebook followers grew 15%, Twitter followers grew by 17% and #TheSwap trended on social media on the day winners were revealed.
  • Dacia’s car sales increased by 20%.
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