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Dacia #SponsorDay: Empowering Small Businesses in Italy


Positioning Dacia as a value for money brand during tough economic times

Region EMEA
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

Renault challenged us with enhancing their sponsorship of the Italian premier league football team, Udinese Calcio, via a strategy that would underline Dacia's 'value' platform, further distinguishing it from competitors.

The Solution

At a time when 1500 Italian small business were closing shop every day, Dacia offered its sponsor space on the Udinese football team’s shirts to small business owners. A life saving opportunity for them to become official sponsors of one premier league football game. A competition to choose the eventual winners guaranteed high visibility for the small business owners in TV, press, and online - with additional exposure secured of course during the televised matches themselves.

The Results

7 million views on TV
52% increase in Dacia Facebook fans
4000+ new Dacia cars ordered

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