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C2C: How Influence Works in Brand New Ways


C2C is a global end-to-end influence-to-impact offering that enables marketers to truly harness the power of influence–scale, targeting, longevity and business ROI.

The Challenge

Influence is big business. Marketers spent $15 billion on PR/influence in 2016 alone. But there is a growing problem - measurement and the need to quantify how earned influence drives results: sales, behavior-change and reputation lift.

The Solution

We needed to better identify and measure the impact of influence in driving brand preference and sales.
To solve this, we put together a multi-discipline global team to work across agency barriers to build a global end-to-end influence-to-impact offering - Conversation2Commerce.
The team dissected every element of the process creating new ad formats, measurement methodologies, earned qualification criteria, a neuropsychology understanding of content and even a patent-pending influence identification and conversion technology.
Our solution was Conversation2Commerce and Conversation2Credibility. Both are influence-to-impact performance platforms that surround PR and influencer expertise with best-in-class services, technology from creative, digital, PR and media agencies, enabling us to better identify and measure the impact of influence in driving brand preference and sales.
C2C enables us to quickly identify usable earned content in nearly any language via our dashboard. Using patent-pending software, we convert the content into a new ad format - earned content unit - that links to the original/highly-credible earned content.
The units are served with precision to targets across programmatic display, native, mobile, social and e-commerce platforms. Using a variety of methodologies we can accelerate consideration and sales, change brand preference and deliver education.
C2C's performance in every category, location, touch point, metric and earned media outperformed paid digital. While initial client/users requested confidentiality the feedback thus far has been outstanding.

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