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Budweiser Celebrates Chinese New Year Campaign


Budweiser kicked off the 2018 Chinese New Year celebration in New York with a campaign calling for the younger Chinese generation to renew appreciation for family understanding and support that has allowed the young people to pursue their dreams.

Region APAC
Practices Consumer Marketing


To bridge the gap and misunderstanding between young Chinese consumers and their parents by encouraging the younger people to willingly share appreciation towards family.


  • We invited three families to share their stories and help consumers to understand the impact of parental support in life. Among these was the story of world-famous Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping and her daughter Lydia Bai Lang. The mother-daughter duo, together with Chinese government representatives toasted families who always offer their support and love.
  • We collaborated with Chinese internet giant Tencent to conduct research on the generation gap between Chinese youth and their parents. The results revealed that most Chinese parents are actually willing and ready to fully support the life pursuits of their children while these young consumers blocked parents on their social media channels.


  • The event generated impressive media results during Chinese New Year season, and a great acknowledgment of the value of appreciation delivered.
  • The activity reinforced Budweiser’s double toast ritual with the message “a toast done twice, is a thank you done right” as a way to say thank you during Chinese New Year season.
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