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Amstel Light


How the brand shared one beer with 115 million people...

Region North America
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

The Amstel Light brand had lost its relevance in the 15 years since it hit the U.S. market. With declining sales, Amstel Light was barely on the radar of its target audience - men, age 25-34. It had become the 'safe' beer - no real personality, nothing distinctive, no real reason to be a part of timely guy conversations - and it began to communicate in a 'safe' way too.

Amstel Light needed to show guys that it was still relevant, and, internally, the brand needed a winning effort to prove to decision makers that it could still break through.

The Solution

When you are the underdog, sometimes you need to steal the spotlight.' That was the advice Amstel Light needed to hear in 2011. Our goal was to generate mass publicity, very quickly…especially online where the brand was especially light and had no presence…and use that surge to wake up the organization to the Amstel brand again and show it still had fight in it.

Research was focused on:

  • Habits and preferences of males 25-39 year-old
  • Relevance of specific social media and online sports influencers

The Results

  • 9% increase in brand awareness
  • 1000% increase in facebook fans
  • 30 minutes of broadcast coverage achieved
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