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Raising awareness and funds for the protection of elephants with Amarula


Amarula featured cages during the Elephant Parade in São Paulo to draw attention to this African mammal’s cause in a PR guerrilla campaign. As a result, the Amarula brand led the news among all other parade sponsors.

Region Latin America
Practices Consumer Marketing

The Challenge

The brand needs were to communicate the positioning, “Made from Africa”, and its sustainable commitment to the cause of the elephants. Amarula wanted to use Elephant Parade to maximize its communication efforts, creating awareness that would build into bonding. But the 2017 parade was not making any news because of similar events in other Brazilian cities (Cow parade, Turma da Mônica parade etc). But the client wanted to stand out from the other sponsors and bring a new flavor to the 2017 exhibition.

The Solution

The main challenge became how to strengthen Amarula’s connection to the parade and its role safeguarding elephants? Elephants in captivity are a major problem in South America - elephants are held in stressful conditions in zoos, circus and private properties - and this is where the creative team found the insight for this project.  One week after the parade launch, we surrounded Amarula’s elephant sculptures with cages, highlighting messages about preservation, poaching and imprisonment.

The Results

Tier 1: Media Outputs

  • 33 media outputs, including 3 top TV news shows
  • 60%+ of coverage mentioned the brand
  • 11 million media impressions on Folha de São Paulo, one of the country's leading media outlets.  It published our story on its main platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, home of the website and weekly magazine.

Tier 2: Audience Outcomes

  • Photos of caged elephants doubled the daily Instagram photos about the Elephant Parade
  • Even though Amarula statues counted for less than 10% of total statues, 20% of the shared pictures on Instagram were from the caged elephants.
  • 20% of the posts* about the Elephant Parade included Amarula branding (#coraçãodeelefante or Amarula).
  • 72% of the posts with the caged elephant's sculptures (that were unbranded) mentioned or tagged #coraçãodeelefante or @amarula_brasil, demonstrating that people reached by the sculptures were also influenced from the digital and/or PR campaign.  
  • The program doubled Instagram followers and engagement levels
  • We achieved 3k+ interactions with #coraçãodeelefante
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