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Adidas' Brazuca


For Adidas and the 2014 World Cup, we brought to life the saying ‘every Brazilian is born with a ball at their feet.’

The Challenge

In 2014 Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup. Every World Cup football has a name and after a national poll, Brazilians chose ‘brazuca’ as the name for the 2014 championship – a word that expresses, and encapsulates ‘Brazilian-ness’. Adidas, the official supplier of the balls, asked its PR team to develop a campaign to complement the official launch event. It needed to build an emotional bond between adidas, brazuca and the Brazilian people, beyond the sports press.

The Solution

Our response was to give a brazuca to every baby born on the birthday of the Official Ball of the World Cup. On 3 December 2013, the team launched the brazuca to the Brazilian people at Amparo Maternal, the largest maternity hospital in Brazil. Every one of the 28 babies born in the hospital that day was given a brazuca: they truly were born with a ball at their feet, bringing the Brazilian saying to life.

The Results

  • 57% over target for social reach
  • 111 pieces of coverage globally
  • #brazuca trended on twitter even before the launch
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