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Romain Sulpice

Director, MSL France

Paris, France

Romain began his career as a Consultant in crisis communication. He joined Publicis in 2007, developing an expertise in IT & corporate communication. He has worked for many U.S. companies and helped leading brands throughout their launches in France. Romain developed an expertise in areas ranging from corporate to tech. For 3 years, Romain is leading Netflix corporate and tech PR in France. In September 2012, Romain incorporates Spintank as PR manager. He was driving Microsoft France PR communication (on/offline + social networks); working on Windows 8 launch in France, the opening of the first Microsoft startup accelerator program in France, coaching early stage startup on their communication. In January 2014, Romain joined MSL France and handles media relations for tech companies as AVG Technologies; Iris Capital (pen-European venture capital investor). Fascinated by technologies and music, Romain also has a music blog and is very familiar with online communication mechanisms.
(+33)1 44 82 46 21

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