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Meet The New MSL 1 Team

Fri, 09/07/2018

MSL has announced two new leadership teams to manage its U.S. business under a single P&L

MSL has announced two new leadership teams to manage its US business under a single P&L.  The new MSL 1 Team business model merges six U.S. offices to a single P&L and transitions the agency to a Practice & Sector orientation designed to drive growth and offer increased opportunity for talent.

The new structure involves a seven-person U.S. Executive Team and a 22-person U.S. Leadership Team, with changed roles and reporting lines for some of our most senior team members and those with specialized skills. 

“This new organizational model is an exciting change that will supercharge the leadership team and drive collaboration among our U.S. offices,” said MSL U.S. CEO Ron Guirguis. “The leaders elevated to the MSL 1 Team exemplify the qualities of integrated teamwork and will be foundational to this new structure that breaks down barriers, eliminates silos and contributes to our mission to deliver work that truly matters to clients.” 

U.S. Executive Team

U.S. Finance Director:  Chris Arco recently joined MSL from FCB Health where he was SVP, Director, Client Finance.   Arco will work with finance teams across MSL U.S. to manage the financial operations of the agency.   In addition to general day-to-day responsibilities, Arco will oversee the operationalization of the single P&L.  Prior to FCB Health, he was a Finance Manager at Ogilvy & Mather and an analyst at both Hildebrand International and Morgan Stanley.   Arco reports to Ron Guirguis, US CEO.

U.S. Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer:  Daphne Hoytt reports to U.S. CEO Ron Guirguis. Her position on the U.S. Executive Team signifies the importance of Diversity and Inclusion to the future of the company.  She will be responsible for building and implementing a D&I strategy for MSL U.S., focusing on recruitment, retention, mentoring and celebration, as well as addressing issues related to pay equity in our company and our industry. Daphne Hoytt is also Atlanta Office Lead.

U.S. Chief Integration Officer: Amy Cheronis has responsibility for growth and opportunities with the Publicis “Power of One” and will manage office leads, supporting them with their needs from talent acquisition/development/ retention as well as resource management.  She will report to the U.S. CEO.  

U.S. CEO: Ron Guirguis manages the U.S. operations of MSL.  He joined MSL in September 2015 from Edelman where he previously led Edelman’s Corporate and Public Affairs Practice in New York.

U.S. Chief Operating Officer:  Danielle Wuschke has become COO and will report to U.S. CEO.  She will be responsible for Practice, Sector and Center of Excellence Leads. As COO, Danielle will help drive our growth, structure, talent and future.

Executive Creative Director:  Vincent Dente recently joined MSL from Edelman where he was EVP, Executive Creative Director. He is responsible for building a world-class creative team inside of MSL U.S. and working across Publicis agency partners to deliver creative integration to the Power Of One solution. All creatives in MSL U.S. report to Dente along with Editorial Strategy and Content Production. In addition to a track record of developing award-winning teams and creative talent, he brings years of experience in creative strategy, creative direction, and brand development to MSL. Over his career, Dente has collaborated with and created work for clients including: Harley-Davidson, Mercedes-Benz, United Airlines, Flex, Unilever, Shire, Isopure, Nike, Joseph Abboud, HARMAN International, Toyota, Microsoft, Mars, and Samsung. He reports to U.S. CEO Ron Guirguis.

U.S. New Business Lead:  Mike Holloway continues as MSL’s New Business Lead, working with a unified team across offices.  He joined MSL in February 2016 from Edelman where he was an Executive Vice President and led business development. 


U.S. Leadership Team

MSL’s U.S. Leadership Team includes the seven members of the U.S. Executive Team along with the U.S. Practice and Sector Leads, the Centers of Excellence Leads and the Office Leads along with other senior leaders in HR and Finance.

Practice and Sector Leads along with Centers of Excellence Leads will report to Danielle Wuschke.  Office Leads will report to Amy Cheronis.

U.S. Leadership Team

Back Row L to R: Jim Weinrebe, U.S. Health Sector Lead; Lilly Kofler, Data Science Center of Excellence; Steve Bryant, Seattle Office Lead; Chris Arco, U.S. Finance Lead; Keith Strubhar, Washington, D.C. Office Lead; Brian Burgess, U.S. Corporate Practice Lead; Archie Smart, U.S. Digital Center of Excellence Lead; Eileen Ziesemer, U.S. Consumer Practice Lead; Joe Crisci, U.S. Crisis Practice Lead; Andrea Newman, HR; Pattie Hallock, N.Y. Office Lead, Mercedes Carrasco, U.S., Technology Sector Lead;  Rema Vasan, Global Client Engagement Director.

Front Row L to R: Kim McCrossen, U.S. Media Center of Excellence Lead; Sheila McLean, U.S. Social Purpose and Sustainability Practice Lead; Daphne Hoytt, U.S. Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer; Amy Cheronis, Chief Integration Officer; Ron Guirguis, U.S. CEO; Danielle Wuschke, U.S. Chief Operations Officer; Vincent Dente, U.S. Executive Creative Director; Mike Holloway, U.S. New Business Lead; Anna Gomez; Chief Financial Officer, Leo Burnett.



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