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Stephanie Smith

Chief Client and Development Officer

New York, NY, USA

A true PR insurgent, Stephanie Smith has had a major hand leading the new media revolution, making significant contributions in helping redefine the role of media in the world. An Emmy award winning producer, Smith joined MSL from ABC News in 2004 as Director of Media Relations and quickly moved up the ranks. As North America Director, Media Relations, she created MSL’s North America media team; In 2011, she expanded her department’s services through the introduction of MSL Studios and two years later became MSL’s chief storyteller in North America. She led the agency initiative around content-centric communications, overseeing the 40+-person team of content creators and media strategists. And, she has served as one of MSL’s top presentation and media trainers to executives and brands. Smith is now Chief Client and Development Officer, and in this role, has had incredible successes both client facing and in new business. She spearheaded Netflix’s global launch to 130 new markets in 2016, resulting in an award-winning campaign. Further, Smith led the MSL team which developed a global partnership with AkzoNobel.
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