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Ron Guirguis


MSL U.S. CEO Ron Guirguis has been at the forefront of a significant business transformation beginning in 2016. His focus has been on removing barriers and silos thus establishing an industry-leading management team and talent base. Since January 2016, Guirguis has led the team that has rebuilt MSL's core business by removing profit & loss constraints across nine offices, creating incentive models to drive collaboration which has allowed the leadership team to act as a single unit, sponsoring the sharing of resources and best practices. This has made a significant impact in our client relationships. Ron has been leading the charge to build a growth culture focused on three core pillars: Predisposition to YES (finding the path to yes in every situation); pushing ourselves and each other and our clients to strive for greatness in everything that we do; have fun - making certain that remaining professional in our work lives is a priority but not taking ourselves too seriously insuring we can enjoy working alongside colleagues and clients. This culture of growth has led to significant wins, both new and organic.
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