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Anthony Poncier

Head of Social and Digital, MSL EMEA

Paris, France

Anthony joined Publicis Consultants in 2012 as a Digital Transformation director EMEA. In 2017, he was named Head of Social and Digital EMEA. With nearly twenty years of experience in collaborative strategies, Anthony has developed an expertise on issues centered around change management, organizational transformation and deployment associated with 2.0 uses. Anthony built his expertise as a project director in change management for the deployment of large international projects. Meanwhile, he has developed a specific expertise in digital related to collaboration and social media. Anthony is a well-known expert of enterprise social network and digital transformation. He is also a columnist for different publications and other publications and a usual speaker on numerous conferences. He is a Lecturer for executive education at Science Po Paris around digital issues. He holds a Master Degree in Strategic Management and Competitive Intelligence, and a PhD in Social and Political History.
(+33) 1 44 82 45 00

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