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Our Purpose

To engage multiple perspectives and holistic thinking.

From Shanghai to Sao Paulo, London to Lagos, New York to New South Wales, our soul is defined by our diversity – of ideas, of expertise, of culture and of people. Likewise, in the organizations of our clients, across the markets for their products and in the world itself, distinctive voices are yearning to be heard, and people everywhere want the respect and recognition that their opinions and insights have value. Our learning is that working inside an echo chamber of sameness prevents us from thinking bigger, reaching higher and solving the world’s greatest challenges. Not only do we draw our strength from our differences, we draw our purpose. It is this promise to our clients, our people and the world that we will not only embrace the differences in the world, but also engage multiple perspectives and holistic thinking in everything that we do. Whether we consider the opinions of people, the expertise of our specialists, or the wide-ranging array of capabilities across both MSL and the Publicis Groupe, we promise to take a broader perspective in order to build a more comprehensive whole. We innovate by combining diverse ideas, capabilities and technologies in order to create the truly extraordinary. Our diverse thinking inspires our ever-evolving journey of imagination and discovery. It is essential for fueling the influence and impact that truly makes a difference.

Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society – Part of Publicis Groupe


Publicis Groupe’s Egalite

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MSL proud of our alumni, Lauren Wesley Wilson, founder of ColorComm

Our network for lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) professionals and allies.

Publicis Groupe VivaWomen, our global affinity group for women.

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