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AI sees early adopters and samplers in Brazil

Fri, 12/28/2018

By Fernando Murad, Editor, Meio & Mensagem

Brazilians have long been known for liking new things. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in communication strategies, communications, marketing and PR professionals in the country go further and are at the forefront of preparing to incorporate the technology into their work routines. The survey, "Powered by AI: Communications and Marketing in the Algorithm Age," carried out by MSL in nine markets, indicates that Brazilian executives are the most optimistic about using AI: 65.5% say they feel positive about it, above the global average of 55%. Only 1.48% said they were pessimistic, well below the global average of 7%.

"Throughout history, new technologies have caused tension in the industry to adapt. In the case of AI, all the markets are early adopters but Brazilians are ahead, they are inquisitive. They are the most optimistic and the least afraid of losing their jobs. This represents an opportunity for the country to also be ahead in getting results at companies," says Carolina Fullen, Director of Innovation and New Business at MSL Brasil.

The survey, done in September by MSL, interviewed 1,846 professionals working in sectors such as the financial market, IT, manufacturing industry, defense, consumer products, healthcare, food, agriculture, energy, the automotive sector and communications agencies in nine countries – Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States. In Brazil, 203 executives were interviewed.

Communications professionals drive the growth of the topic in companies’ discussions: 86.7% of the respondents in Brazil (83% worldwide) say they make a significant priority of the need to become more familiar with the subject. In addition, 78% of Brazilians (71% worldwide) declared themselves to be specialists in AI, and 87% (84% worldwide) said that training and education on the subject is crucial to market leaders.

Artificial Intelligence has become a priority for 86% of the survey participants and 62% recognize that AI is part of their companies' five-year strategy. They believe that the technology will have a significant impact on branding and positioning strategies (68%) and customer experiences (76%). "This is a unique opportunity for anyone working with communications," says Carolina.

Opportunities and challenges

Carolina FullenThe areas to which professionals plan to devote more AI-related efforts for their companies are marketing (52% in Brazil; 47% worldwide), creativity (49%/42%), employee training (53%/42%), insights and strategy (38%/41%), crisis management (25%/26%), metrics and measurement (17%/25%) and relationships with agencies (21%/25%). In addition, 67.5% of Brazilians (63% worldwide) say their organizations are trying to redefine their branding and positioning in order to respond to the changes brought about by AI in their working environments.

"AI is not as scary or as smart as Hollywood shows, but it has been developing and professionals are open to the possibilities," the spokesperson says. Maybe that's why there isn't much concern that robots will take jobs from humans: 82% in Brazil and 80% worldwide think it's a remote possibility in the next five years. In communications-related jobs, only 10% of respondents ­ (13% worldwide) see a potential impact on the level of employability in the sector. The great risk, in the opinion of these professionals, is related to security and privacy: half the sample is concerned about this issue.

Artificial Intelligence in Brazil

In addition, 55% believe that communications professionals will have to prepare more for the advent of AI, and 26% believe that it has resulted in more jobs

Artificial Intelligence in Brazil

What priority do communications executives give AI education?

AI education

AI Implementation in Brazil

AI Implementation in Brazil

Are consumers in Brazil ready for AI?

Are consumers in Brazil ready for AI?

This article originally appeared in the Brazilian trade magazine Meio & Mensagem.

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