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Salterbaxter's 13th Communication on Progress to the UNGC

Tue, 09/10/2019

Our sustainability and social purpose firm, Salterbaxter reiterates their commitment to the 10 UNGC Principles and highlights some of the activities in which they have made progress thus far.

This report covers the calendar year January to December 2018. As part of Publicis Groupe, Salterbaxter are also covered in their Group CSR and Annual Report documents and their commitment to the UNGC.

Reporting to the UN Global Compact each year gives us an opportunity to reflect on our progress and whether we are driving change at the necessary pace. As I look back at 2018, I see tremendous strides in the influence and positive change we have driven through our work – from defining transformative sustainability strategies, to engaging in ever deeper dialogue with stakeholders and using our communications strategies to propel forward debate and deeper commitments to issues such as plastics and regenerative agriculture.

Kathleen Enright, Managing Director, Salterbaxter

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