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MedLife – Technology of Tomorrow


How to use technology to establish a national breakthrough in health? By broadcasting, a brain surgery LIVE in 360-degree virtual reality. Our six-hour live surgery achieved a 3-hour LIVE telecast on Facebook and YouTube and almost 7 million impressions.

Region EMEA
Practices Reputation Management and Corporate Communications

The Challenge

Deliver a communication proposal for the 360-degree campaign “Technology of tomorrow”, which puts emphasis on the importance of the evolution of medical technology and equipment. MedLife, leader of the private medical services market in Romania, needed a peak for its campaign, an awe moment. We wanted to create awareness, to set new boundaries and to demonstrate the real power of the technological advance.

The Solution

A first in Romania and probably in Southeastern Europe, we arranged a LIVE transmission in VR format of brain surgery. The LIVE transmission was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.  Anyone owning a pair of VR glasses could “transfer” themselves into the operating room, and be part of this immersing experience. Specialists offered commentary on the surgery LIVE, explaining step by step what the doctors were doing, the risks the patient was exposed to and details about the technology used. We arranged a special press event in a cinema room for mass media, bloggers and influencers. The guests could assist at the operation as if it were in the movie or simply watch the transmission with the VR glasses they had at their disposal. 

The Results

One out of three Romanians (36%) interacted with our message. The LIVE transmission achieved a total audience of more than 7,215,000, including a social media reach of 2,346,029.

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