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The Second Technology Revolution is Here - MSL’s Global CEO Guillaume Herbette

Tue, 10/31/2017

Our future is being recast by machines.  From India to Poland, the CEO of MSL has taken the message around the world.

Not even a decade after the PR industry turned on its head when social media ushered in the Age of Influence, technology once again is causing brands, companies and organizations to rethink its communication in dramatic ways.  This time machines that process data and artificial intelligence, combined with immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, are creating new opportunities for “augmented influence” as well as giving communicators pause to manage a number of emerging new challenges from Machine Journalism to Artificial Influence.

In a speech to the Praxis Conference in Jaipur, India, Guillaume Herbette pointed to the rise of the new immersive technologies which are highly experiential and amplify emotional resonance of our communications.

In Poland, at the 13th Public Relations and Communications Congress in Warsaw, Poland, Herbette pointed out how Artificial Intelligence is growing at 300% in 2017 and will steal $1.2 trillion a year from companies not using the technology.

Find out how the next revolution in communications will be driven by automation, big data & analytics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

“It is not possible to stop the Revolution.  The era of Augmented Influence is upon us.  Technology is increasingly mixing with our reality in both positive and negative ways.  Transformation and adaptation is required by everyone,” he said.

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