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Core Expertise

From digital and social media to insights, planning and analytics to media training and content creation, we execute cutting-edge strategic work all based on a contemporary understanding of best practices, deep marketplace relationships and the latest customizable platforms and tools.


Digital and Social Media

Digital and Social Media

Today, nearly all communication requires engaging the digital natives, people for whom the line between the online and offline does not exist. We combine art, code and copy to tell stories that connect, engage and inspire.

We combine user experience and rich content with targeted, sustained activity to ensure what we’ve created reaches the right people at the right time. It’s part art, part science, and the impact on brand love, brand reputation and sales is entirely measurable.

Influencing conversations, building relationships and managing reputations take a big team with diverse skills. Our strategists, user experience architects, programmers, search, PR and social experts provide the insights and expertise. The creatives, writers, technologists and film-makers provide the magic.

We offer a full-range of capabilities, including:

  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Influencer engagement and relationship management
  • Social customer relationship management
  • Technical Development (Social apps, big data, native mobile apps, HTML cross platform apps, content management systems, e-CRM, e-commerce, website)
  • E-commerce consultancy
  • Paid syndication and natural search (SEO)
  • Mobile engagement
  • Content development and content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Community engagement and management

Content Creation

Content Creation

Practitioners often define the public relations industry as having earned content at the core.  According to an MSL-sponsored neuroscience experiment on how the brain engages with and reacts to different forms of digital content, earned and brand-produced video content far surpassed traditional paid media in delivering brand lift, engagement and purchase intent. When we look at content, it is from strong knowledge and an understanding of how to scale and optimize the many content choices that clients have – using the right forms targeted to the right people at the right time.

MSL offers the editorial expertise and the art and video production capabilities to develop all forms of contemporary content that’s earned or otherwise.  From written thought leadership and op-ed articles to annual reports, presentations, visual brochures, videos, films and infographics, MSL has developed an award-winning portfolio of work. Our capabilities exist within our network around the world and across the entire Publicis Groupe universe.

No matter the scale of the assignment, we find the best resource to meet your needs.

HELIX - MSL Atlanta's in-house production studio produces live action, animation, visual effects, audio, photography, broadcast-quality TV, digital film, green screen and editorial work that is closely aligned with brands’ creative strategies.

HELIX specializes in fast, nimble content creation that is strong in concept and creativity; meeting the demand of always-on, fresh content production across a brand’s digital channels (Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube and mobile ad units) that fall outside the traditional scope of production companies. Yet the studio also boasts the ability to ideate, produce and execute large scale on-location productions with celebrity talent embedded. Learn More

For more information contact Troy Brown, Senior Vice President DSM (Digital/Social/Mobile), MSL Atlanta | +1 404 870 6803

MSL’s Food & Beverage Studio in Seattle U.S. - A category leader, the Food & Beverage Team of MSL manages a is state-of-the-art Culinary & Nutrition Content Studio in Seattle.  The team uses video to help create economic value for the world’s food and beverage industry.

For more information contact: Steve Bryant, Managing Director, MSL Seattle | +1.206.313.1588

MSL Studio in the Nordics: When the need for content continues to grow MSL Studios is the partner to put your trust in. A full-service content agency within the MSL network, the studio collaborates with both global and local brands, from creation to production and implementation. The team’s production capabilities include corporate films, documentaries, TV-commercials and TV-shows based on the analysis and creative process adopted to achieve your business goals. The studio’s portfolio features an extensive range of digital content, print and web design/solutions.

For more information contact: Mats Dicklén, Head of MSL Studio | MOB +46 (0)70 275 39 15

Notch Video - Notch Video is part of MSL’s Canadian firm North Strategic’s online video marketplace. Notch Video provides a fresh take on creative content production, built from the ground up to deliver engaging, cost-effective solutions for brands. The agency provides full-service video strategy, creative production, post production, and distribution, with a team that delivers award-winning videos, photos, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and every other manner of digital content. Learn More

Prodigious - Designed to serve a content-driven media landscape, Prodigious (Part of Publicis Groupe) brings together specialist production expertise in video, digital and print to design, produce and deliver brand content across all channels, using the best talent, workflow processes and tools. Learn More

Media Relations

Media Relations

MSL offers comprehensive strategic media relations capabilities, including cultivating and managing reporter relationships, media targeting, outreach, message development and monitoring.  We have editorial bureaus across most of our major offices that are expert storytellers and work with our clients to shape and deliver a story.

Additionally, we fully support our spokespeople with comprehensive media and message training. We have trainers all over the world and offer a variety of programs from coaching to full-on studio training that is substance-based and tailored to individual client needs.

Media Presentation & Message Training (U.S.) - MSL is proud to offer the highest quality of media, presentation and other kinds of message trainings, customized for each client. Our expert media trainers, with decades of TV news, print journalism and spokesperson experience, will teach you how to deliver key messages in ways that are compelling and memorable. Performing well on television, with other kinds of journalists and before a live or web audience is a learned art. MSL training professionals can teach you the core principles to assure your success. Learn More

Platform & Tools and C2C

Platform & Tools and C2C

Our interdependent relationship with Publicis Groupe is a the centerpiece of our approach to holistic thinking and the Power of One.  When it comes to platforms and tools, our clients gain a tremendous benefit.  We tap the Publicis Groupe universe to share the latest and most sophisticated platforms and tools and technologies with our clients.  These tools range from conversation monitoring and mapping to media tracking, influencer targeting, consumer profiling to content optimizing. 

The emphasis on integration within our own agency family has led to what we call “combinational innovation” – the idea that each agency network can build on the tools and platforms developed by the other.

Conversation2Commerce – C2C is an award-winning global influence-to-impact performance platform. C2C is an end-to-end solution that harnesses the power of influence to drive brand lift and commerce across online and offline mediums. It is a program that can be measured in terms of delivering business results.

C2C fuels great earned content with paid media across programmatic, e-commerce, search, and social media. It brings together the best of Publicis Groupe to innovate the role of influence in the marketing mix. Learn More

The CNC Situation Room: A Tailored Approach to Crisis Training - An immersive crisis preparedness training tool that puts you and your team at the heart of a crisis. It allows you to develop your crisis management skills while mastering a crisis situation in real-time.

For more information reach out to Alwin Binder, Director, CNC - Communications & Network Consulting

Real-Time SentiMeter - Real-Time SentiMeter is a sentiment analysis tool, developed by the Clarus Research Group and Qorvis MSL that records moment to moment audience reactions to live or pre-recorded presentations. Learn More

Insights & Planning / Analytics

Insights & Planning / Analytics

In today’s world of Big Data, insights and planning and analytics lead to the future of strategic business and communications efficiency and speed.

MSL’s capabilities are supplemented by the best resources of Publicis Groupe. We offer access to top talent, the latest research tools, trend and insight platforms and processing capabilities.  Our planners work hand and hand with account leaders to ensure that our clients programs and strategic counsel are built on the latest knowledge and thinking.

People’s Insights - People’s Insights is a collection of inspiring initiatives, insights and foresights shared by our global team of planners, researchers and experts.  People’s Insights covers the latest trends in engagement on both the consumer and corporate side which are shared in our insights reports. We share these online, on our social platforms, and distribute freely to inspire more engaging campaigns. Learn More

For more information contact:
Michael J. Echter, Global Director of Corporate Communications, MSL
Melanie Joe, Consultant – Research & Insights, MSL

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