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We’re a Global Public Relations and Integrated Communications Partner.

Our expertise begins with influence and ends with impact. But between them is significant specialized expertise across our range of global practices and sectors.


Influence is not only where we are pointed, but it’s been our field of play for more than 10 years. We are true experts in driving influence for our clients across our practices and sectors and through innovative platforms like MSL Fluency.


We are committed to using data and analytics to maximize the tangible value we bring to our clients. We often partner with Publicis Media to engage some of the latest tools, technologies and thinking around data and analytics. We use the power of data to better design and target our work, and measure its impact.

Global Practices

We organize our work into seven communication practices, each focused on a different specialized area of communications. MSL develops best practices, customized communications approaches and models for our clients with specific needs through high level of seamless expertise provided locally or aroun...

Global Sectors

MSL’s expertise covers more than ten key industry sectors with insight, understanding and a response that is valuable to our clients.

Core Expertise

From digital and social media to insights, planning and analytics to media training and content creation, we execute cutting-edge strategic work all based on a contemporary understanding of best practices, deep marketplace relationships and the latest customizable platforms and tools.

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