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Winning Share of Mouth in the Conversation Age

Mon, 07/18/2016

By Guillaume Herbette , CEO, MSLGROUP

Today, for a food and beverage company to win share of mouth, it also needs to win at share of voice. In an era where food and drink have become everyone’s favorite topics of conversation, navigating the complex communications landscape is tricky to say the least.

That’s because the global narrative about food has evolved far beyond the food product itself. Once a matter of nutrition and survival, food is often now associated with public status and the endorsement of ideas. The dialogue around food has taken center stage not only in consumers’ minds, but in pop culture, even international politics and its importance is only accelerating.

Today’s consumers expect brands not only to master the product, but also its communications. Brands must deliver on consumer and regulatory expectations regarding health and wellness, skillfully communicate cultural nuance, all while maintaining an attractive brand reputation and keeping its advocacy purposeful and in alignment.

Brands also need to drive the conversation about them and thereby consumption through a contemporary mix of communication techniques — powerful visual stimuli, influential recommendations delivered across social platforms and by creating appetite appeal that aligns with the preferences of today’s consumers. In this latest edition of the People’s Insights Series, MSLGROUP explores Six Communication Drivers for Winning Share of Mouth in the Conversation Age .

The Future of Food Comms_Cover These drivers are more than a diagnostic tool to help food and beverage brands properly balance their communications for the modern day. They are the beginning of an important dialogue about the latest communications practices, platforms and channels and how uber-efficient utilization and strategic planning can maximize revenue. With the communications landscape evolving as fast as food consumption trends themselves, brands need to know of the latest innovations, or risk revenue.

For example, our own recently-introduced Conversation2Commerce (C2C) platform can help food brands harness the power of earned influence by adding the targeting, scale and measurement capabilities of advertising in order to drive brand lift and commerce. Imagine automatically getting your product’s dream story directly to your customers as they are about to make product selections not just around the time when the story runs, but over the extended course of time it remains relevant. This kind of innovative thinking helps food brands bolster their ability to drive revenue through communications.

In this publication , we feature the voices of experts from inside and outside MSLGROUP who examine current food trends, consumer food behavior and how food technology can enable food companies to be at the forefront of innovation. We also take a look at the food sector and its impact on the environment and food marketers’ role in ensuring sustained intervention for the benefit of consumers, business and the planet. If you are looking for a partner to bring a contemporary perspective to communicating around your business and brand, then let’s start a conversation today. Get in touch with us for a customized diagnostic workshop.

One final note: We would like to take this opportunity to offer our gratitude and thanks to all our contributors for their valuable input into this report.

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