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What Will a U.S. - China Trade War Mean for Europe?

Wed, 05/09/2018

The U.S and China could be entering a trade war, but what will this mean for European Union manufacturers as their biggest trading partners?

By Nathalie Lindenhall, Account Manager, MSL UK

On the campaign trail, Trump – businessman and reality TV star – presented himself as a force for change who would bring manufacturing jobs back to the US by all means necessary. A year and a half into his term, this mission is still a priority, but has been confronted by the reality of governing: getting Congress approval can be difficult and lengthy.

What will a US-China trade war mean for Europe?

President Trump’s first year has been centered around his ability to deliver on bold promises. Though some have been be broken, others have been kept, and right now his agenda to change trade policy is in full effect.

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Nathalie LindenhallNathalie Lindenhall is a multilingual Account Manager in the Corporate team, working across a range of global brands including EY and the fintech leader TransferWise. At MSL, she manages the day-to-day running of her accounts and leads on media relations. She also supports on content strategy, campaign management and event planning.

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