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The Sustainability Landscape in 2019

Fri, 01/11/2019

Salterbaxter sheds some light on general themes that have emerged last year that will set the tone for sustainability in 2019 - inequality, social activism, plastic pollution, food waste & sustainable fashion.

By Nicolas Heath, Sustainability Consultant, Salterbaxter, An MSL Company

2018 marked a year where there can no longer be any confusion about the challenge ahead of us.

For businesses more than ever the pressure is on to step up to its changing relationship with society. Incremental action just won’t cut it; business needs to embrace significant transformative change. The companies that will win won’t be those who try and position themselves in tomorrow’s markets but those who create them.

It’s timely therefore that 2019 is a year of renewal. Many of the current sustainability strategies are heading towards their 2020 deadlines. The time is ripe for renewed ambitions and active strategies – those that balance long-term direction with short term agility, and which, if fully integrated, can drive the competitive difference in the face of a fast-shifting business landscape.

Read the full article on the Salterbaxter blog.

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