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Role of Millennials and their Impact on Reputation Management

Wed, 09/28/2016

By Pascal Beucler , SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP

The Public Relations and Corporate Communications India Summit ( PRAXIS 2016 ) in the beautiful Aamby Valley City, India, which took place last week (September 23rd to 25th, 2016) had a crystal clear focus: “Reputation is Everything”.

With Shreya Krishnan

A lot of colleagues from the PR world had attended the event and they shared interesting points of views and perspectives on the topic. I had been assigned the task to discuss the role of Millennials in the Reputation equation.

A generation that matters, for many reasons, and a highly influential force.

In India, like everywhere in the world, Millennials expect businesses to help solve the serious issues this planet is facing. They are looking at the world through a shifting lens, and this is impacting Reputation Management, putting corporations and brands under a growing pressure. They see performance as great, but performance with purpose looks even greater to them. They expect businesses to deliver on their Corporate Citizenship through local, actionable projects with a measurable impact. And they want to be involved in these projects – which is great news. They want to work for a company which has a clear purpose, and delivers on it. They would like businesses to be actively engaged into the global conversation, with rich content to share and bold points of view.

Pascal's Keynote The new boundaries of Reputation Management.

In a nutshell, whether as consumers, employees or brand advocates, Millennials have a big impact on the redefinition of what Reputation Management, for corporations and brands. They have significantly changed the brand-consumer dynamic. They are looking for much more than just a job. They highly value authenticity, reliability, and the fact that corporations and brands have the right attitude and engagement strategy towards them. Winning in the Reputation Economy requires to act consistently on these matters. It’s a risk for old-fashioned businesses, and a great opportunity for those who already do it right.

The complete presentation can be viewed below:

Pascal Pascal holds BAs in History and Language Sciences, a master’s degree in Linguistics and a post graduate degree in Semio-Linguistics. In 1987 he joined Intelligences, a subsidiary of Publicis, and in 1992 he became the Managing Director. In 1994 he was promoted to Partner at Publicis Consultants, and then to General Manager of Carré Noir in 2001. Pascal is an Associate Professor at CELSA (Paris IV Sorbonne) and a visiting professor at HEC – one of France’s top business colleges. He has conducted research and published articles on various topics and in particular on the relationship between text and image. In 2005 Pascal was named Vice-President of Publicis Consultants | Worldwide, in charge of Brand Strategy and development of its international network. Connect with him on Twitter @pbeucler

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