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Rethinking How Influence Flows

Thu, 12/08/2016

For more than a century, PR professionals have worked to earn credibility and trust by convincing reporters, third parties, and influencers to share a point of view or validate a truth. As every communicator knows, there is tremendous value in positive earned – read: not paid for – content. It is pure. And in that purity there is power.

Research shows that media coverage, influencer content, ratings, and reviews are among the most credible, believable, and influential type of content. They remain the top drivers of purchase consideration, affinity, and familiarity.

Maximum impact

Still, despite its clear value to marketers, earned content has traditionally fallen short of achieving its true potential.

For a PR professional, a great story is an important achievement, but in the new world order of communications, the story can’t be seen as an end unto itself. Moreover, most earned content doesn’t scale in a predictable way, meaning there’s no built-in mechanism to ensure it is seen by a larger audience, gets viewed multiple times, or is put in front of people at the precise moment of decision-making. This deficiency prevents it from achieving the commerce returns that are most valuable to marketers.


What’s more, some marketers still struggle to provide measurable omnichannel communications plans that integrate earned, owned, and paid content. They can measure the results of owned and paid content, but it remains difficult to link earned content to a clear and obvious increase in commerce.

Because of this, many marketers and communicators consign earned content to “air cover” – a “nice to have.” Sure, it may stimulate some buzz, but it’s not playing a critical role in the communications mix. That simply is not acceptable in today’s marketing mix. These limitations have put the PR industry on a decades-long defensive. It’s the age-old “PR paradox.”

But when you visit you will see there is a solution……

About Conversation2Commerce

C2C is MSLGROUP’s influence-to-impact performance platform . With earned media at the core, it is powered by the services and newest technnologies from Publicis Communications and Publicis Media.

To learn more about how Conversation2Commerce can boost your brand and commerce, contact: Erin B. Lanuti , Chief Influence Strategist, MSLGROUP.

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