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PR 2020 The Dawn of the Augmented Influence

Wed, 06/21/2017

By Guillaume Herbette , Global CEO, MSL

The pace of change in media today is rapid and ever-evolving. Media and its components have undergone a transformation, resulting in a new era of marketing communications. Media consumption habits have changed, what constitutes media has been redefined, and the advent of social media has transformed and enhanced the relationship between the public and those communicating with them.

Technology, which facilitates these changes, it itself at the cusp of a revolution – everything is moving toward the virtual and the augmented. Technology is fast becoming a necessary part of people’s everyday lives – and its cultural significance is growing exponentially. The beneficiaries of technology make up a wide spectrum; while it creates business opportunities for organizations and provides entertainment and education to millions, access to technology can also often mean the difference between life and death for those fleeing from persecution, as we’ve lately seen. From bringing people together for an augmented reality game to aiding healthcare providers with the necessary insights to save lives, the impact of technology – and increasingly, immersive tech – is far-reaching and profound.

Technologies like big data and immersive tech are paving the way for nuanced communications – and those in the business of communications need to evolve their methods and get ahead of the curve. Immersive tech can transform the consumer experience, right from the awareness stage to the buying stage. The focus of retailers like our client Home Depot on developing consumer-friendly virtual experiences like their Project Color app, is a step toward integrating the virtual and the real.

Acquiring and analyzing data, studying human behavior and incorporating immersive tech into the communication mix are all equally important – a combination of these will lead the way for increased visibility and engagement, and help establish relevance. The future of PR is bright – with technology, there are newer and better ways to create meaningful stories, be a part of the ongoing conversation, and be pioneers of innovation. The opportunities are there – we just need to be able to identify them and leverage them at the right time.

In this publication, we feature the voices of experts from MSL, Publicis and beyond, who examine the importance of influence, data, human science, and machines. We take a look at new findings about how the human brain reacts to different kinds of content, its preference for earned influence, how combining advertising, PR and paid media can help generate greater business impact, and the role immersive tech plays in the process.

Guillaume Herbette BW Guillaume is responsible for overseeing all MSL entities worldwide.  He brings over 25 years of relevant experience to the role, most recently with FleishmanHillard as the company’s global Vice Chairman of Operations. Prior to that he served as chief operating officer for the firm’s US Eastern and Western regions and Canada regions.
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