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Powered by AI: Our Predictions

Sun, 02/03/2019

While it may seem like AI will be taking over every aspect of business, MSL and Publicis.Sapient experts believe we are still in the experimentation phase, just beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do for communications.

Communicators and marketers have come a long way in a short time from struggling with the ambiguity of AI to experimenting and applying it to business initiatives. Here's how we believe AI will impact the role of communicators over the course of the next few years:

AI will be a key priority for communications professionals.

AI's role in human interactions is expanding. This will create a societal shift in how people consume information, which communications must reflect. Communications professionals already see the need for AI expertise and will prioritize it even more in the near future.

AI will transform relationships between communicators and technology experts.

Communications and IT, two groups that historically functioned separately, will come together to imagine, develop and navigate AI applications. Communicators will take the lead in establishing these relationships and the two groups will become unlikely collaborators in technology-based communications solutions.

AI will help communicators do better work.

With AI helping communicators delve deeper and more precisely into consumer and market insights, they will be equipped to develop more meaningful messages for brands and stakeholders. In an era of fragmented attention, leveraging AI will help astute communicators stay ahead of the competition.

AI will make measurement more actionable.

AI-driven capabilities will enable marketers to glean accurate insights into campaign effectiveness. This will happen in two ways -- ‘listening’ will engage a broader set of data sources and more data, and AI will be able to look for not just the general sentiment but also the outliers that would otherwise go unnoticed. As listening tools allow for a more precise understanding of what is happening in the marketplace, marketers will be better able to quickly and appropriately adjust messages. They'll identify wellperforming platforms and content assets and redirect investments to leverage those that deliver.

AI will shift communicators' tasks from the mundane to the more interesting.

AI will change the way communications professionals function day-to-day and lessen the time spent on rudimentary tasks like monitoring, reporting, news scanning and sentiment analysis. With these out of the way, communicators will focus on actionable insights, creative breakthroughs and sharper communications strategies.

AI will force brands to be more accurate and transparent.

As technology makes brand and consumer interactions more apparent, brands will pay careful attention to how they position themselves. They will build their identities to match a tech-savvy market, stakeholders and competitors who can easily point out discrepancies. It will be harder to stray from stories borne out by data.

AI will alter brand-consumer engagement.

Sophisticated machine learning will compel more brands to use AI applications like chatbots and digital assistants to engage with consumers. By facilitating reliable, quick, aroundthe- clock support, AI will take customer service to a new level. It will be incumbent on brands to find ways to quickly take complicated and nuanced issues out of the AI loop.

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