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Nikkei Buys Financial Times

Sat, 07/25/2015

By Dr. Jochen Legewie , Managing Director, CNC Communications , Japan, MSLGROUP

The deal was in the making for some time. The Nikkei, driven by its current president, gets very serious about its internationalization.

20 months ago, Nikkei embarked on its internationalization drive with the launch of the Nikkei Asian Review. I was among those who doubted its chances of success in challenging the FT and the WSJ as the world’s preeminent international business papers.

However 20 months are a long time in today’s fast changing media landscape, particularly with the shift from print to digital. The Nikkei Asian Review has actually developed faster and better than earlier thought. It has a kind of operational headquarters, and even once considered buying into the Bangkok Post.

Image source: Esther Vargas on Flickr
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