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MSL Wins Seven Awards at Cannes Lions 2017

Fri, 07/07/2017

MSL is proud of the success of our teams winning seven awards (2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze) at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year. These wins underscore our network’s collaboration with agencies across the Publicis Groupe network.

Gold Outdoor Lion – Tiger beer: A Global Air-Ink™ Project

MSL Hong Kong was among five PR agencies listed for a campaign for Heineken’s Tiger Beer conceived by Publicis agency, Marcel Sydney.

Innovative devices were fitted to a fleet of Tiger delivery trucks, capturing 95% of their pollution before it reached the air. The harvested carbon was purified and turned into safe, high-quality ink. Air–Ink™ pens and markers were sent to street artists and activists around the world. They used them to reclaim the streets, using prominent roadside billboards in major cities around the world, buildings, posters and petitions. The fleet of Tiger delivery trucks also served as mobile posters for the campaign as they harvested the pollution live on the streets of London.

Silver Outdoor Lion – Tequila Cloud

This campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board, conceived by Lapiz, which had been shortlisted in PR, won in the Outdoor category.

Bronze PR Lion – Local Heroes

One of our favorites, a heartfelt campaign conceived by Publicis Italy and executed with the support of MSL, won a Bronze PR Lion last night.

In small villages in Italy the street names are the same and most of them have nothing to do with local life. ‘Local Heroes’ was a project to dedicate the names of the street to the local living people that have had a crucial role for the community, by replacing the existing ones. Local personalities campaigned via a microsite, told their story and explained why they deserve to be remembered and selected a street from Google maps. Once the story was uploaded, it was examined by a designated commission for final approval, before becoming a real street. On the street sign, thanks to Beacon technology, people were able to watch a video story of that person directly on their mobile phones.

Gold Glass Lion #GiveHer5, The Amanda Trust

(Submitted by Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi)

In rural India, ‘period’ is a dirty word. A woman on her period is impure, untouchable and cursed. She’s not allowed to water plants, wash her hair, sleep in the same room as anyone else, or enter religious spaces, kitchens (her touch rots food!). Period-shaming had stunted necessary dialogue about menstrual hygiene. Lack of affordable protection, and culturally-ingrained practice of segregation, meant that over 400 million rural women were being forced to miss five days every month, just because of their period. India’s women were falling behind for being women. And we turned to the urban advantaged to help bridge the gap. For just 2.5$ with Saafkins – the 12-hour, antimicrobial, reusable menstrual protection could help these women. Thus #GiveHer5 was born.

Silver Innovation Lion and Bronze Design Lion – Roads that Honk, HPCL

(Submitted by Leo Burnett India)

The Jammu-Srinagar highway in India is voted as one of the world’s deadliest highways. Eighty percent of car accidents on this highway occur at dangerous hairpin bends. Since drivers seldom know what is coming from the other side of the blind spot. Our idea “ Roads that Honk ,” – the world’s first ever road that honks at drivers to avoid head-on collisions and casualties. With the use of radar and sound, our product was the first of a kind solution to respond directly with speeding drivers, getting them to slow down and drive safely around deadly hairpin turns.

Bronze Entertainment Lion – Vicks #TouchofCare

Vicks, for decades, has centered its communication on ‘family-care’. With changing lifestyles, Vicks understood that contemporary families are no longer defined by biological ties alone.

Acknowledging this evolving dynamic, Vicks decided to be a beacon for redefining the modern family in India through #TouchOfCare . The campaign salutes the universal spirit of human care as being the ultimate definition of family, bypassing traditional Indian family structures and social values. The centerpiece of the campaign was a film that shared the heartwarming real-life story of Gauri Sawant, a transgender woman who takes on the responsibility to care for a young girl, Gayatri.

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