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MSL Germany Public Affairs Survey 2015

Mon, 11/23/2015

For the 14th consecutive year, we asked public affairs professionals in Germany to evaluate the political status quo and tell us about the latest developments in the public affairs sector. The following is a summary of the key results of this year’s survey:

MSLGROUP Germany Public Affairs Survey 2015

Confidence in politics restored

Following a notable dip in the first year of the Grand Coalition (22 per cent), confidence in politicians and their actions bounced back this year, with 39 per cent of respondents saying that politicians were ‘reliable partners’. Christian Democrats received the greatest vote of confidence. 89 per cent of respondents considered their relationships with the CDU to be ‘constructive’.

Government’s approval ratings improve

Similarly, confidence in the Grand Coalition’s performance went up. 57 per cent said that the Federal Government was doing a ‘good job’, an improvement of 14 per cent on last year.

Especially the Government’s foreign trade policy, which includes TTIP, was rated favourably by public affairs professionals. Opposition parties (i. e. Greens and Left Party), on the other hand, were given negative ratings.

Public affairs spending goes up

Corporations and trade associations increased their spending on public affairs in the past 12 months. 39 per cent spent more on public affairs personnel, while 45 per cent increased their spending on external service providers, including consulting work. Of these, more than half favoured full-service consultancies with a strong public affairs offering, as opposed to public affairs only outfits or law firms.

Digital public affairs continues to grow

The use of social media is becoming even more commonplace in public affairs. 52 per cent of respondents use Twitter, while 36 per cent rely on Facebook, 29 per cent on the German-centric career platform Xing, and 25 per cent on its international counterpart LinkedIn.

Read the survey results here . Connect with our Germany team on twitter @MSL_Germany or reach out to us @msl_group.

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