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Looking Forward: Dining on Driverless Cars

Wed, 09/14/2016

Steve Bryant , Director, Food & Beverage Marketing; Managing Director, MSLGROUP Seattle

Driverless (or autonomous) cars have been a subject of fascination, but there is so far little commentary on its implication for eating. We believe the effect could be profound, as driving hands are freed up to prepare and enjoy meals on the road. It requires little imagination to picture ever longer commutes giving way to full-scale breakfast and dinner en auto.

Think popcorn on date nights. A microwaved potato for carb loading on game day. Hot coffee without a Starbucks stop.

We’re already eating en route, but picture a virtual pantry and kitchen on wheels as our wheels shuttle us across town. Talk about Fast Food!

In reality, reliable hands-free driving is still quite a ways off, but it’s not too early for food and beverage strategists to plan for the wave of innovations these vehicles will help drive.

Driverless Cars - Dining

This article is a part of MSLGROUP’s report The Future of Food Communications: Winning Share of Mouth in the Conversation Age .

Steve Bryant_new When it comes to food communications, Steve’s the author of the modern playbook. With more than 100 awards to his credit, he is one of the top food and consumer lifestyle communications experts around. His three decades of experience are full of notable achievements including increasing the popularity of the veggie burger. Steve is a food crisis authority, having helped manage the Pepsi syringe crisis among others. Steve’s background is in marketing for food, technology, healthcare and consumer products. He recently spearheaded the agency’s landmark study with The Hartman Group on how social media is transforming food culture for consumers (and especially moms). Connect with him on Twitter: @SteveBryantLive

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