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Earned Content Goes Omnichannel: Turning Conversation into Commerce

Mon, 01/02/2017

Introducing the Conversation2Commerce Platform

In response to the underutilization of influence in the marketing mix, MSLGROUP, in conjunction with Publicis Communications and Public Media, has launched an influence-to-impact performance platform that combines aspects of public relations, advertising, digital, and shopper marketing. Called Conversation2Commerce , this communications platform extracts far greater influence from earned content than could ever happen naturally or through manual hit-or-miss amplification.

Conversation2Commerce places earned content at the core of the communications mix to help realize enormous gains of mindshare and market share. Through its powerful platform, it uses performance marketing to scale influence and target it programmatically. For the first time, earned influence can be combined with specific offers for omnichannel distribution. The result is a platform that can have a predictable and measurable impact on a client’s business.

Guillaume Herbette BW As the barriers between the disciplines in communications continue to erode, this platform is one of the best examples of how true integrated thinking can bring new value to clients. C2C is integrated by birth: as one of the most-integrated agencies, we have worked together with our paid, shopper, advertising, and digital sister agencies inside Publicis Groupe to develop the platform.

Guillaume Herbett, CEO, MSLGROUP

By using the latest technologies and integrated thinking, Conversation2Commerce addresses the key drawback to earned content and influence by completely re-engineering how it flows. This will allow PR professionals to make a stronger contribution to our clients’ business goals The Conversation2Commerce platform works not only for b-to-c consumer marketing and new product launches reaching millions of people, but it’s also just as effective for highly targeted b-to-b and b-to-g initiatives. These services will be marketed under the Conversation2Credibility name.

By expanding and targeting the reach of the most important messages to the right people at the right time, the platform strongly supports reputation management, executive visibility, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, education campaigns, issues and crisis management, and nonprofit communications, as well as consumer marketing.

erin-lanuti-chief-influence-strategist New technologies and more integrated thinking are allowing a modern and dynamic version of traditional PR influence to take root. This modern-day approach to influence marketing effectively unlocks, scales, and targets the flow of influence in order to improve brand positions and grow commerce across channels.

Erin Lanuti, Chief Influence Strategist, MSLGROUP

Turning Conversation into Commerce

In operation, the Conversation2Commerce platform is quite simple. It quickly converts a strong piece of earned content into an “earned content unit” – a clickable online ad built around the story’s headline.

It is accompanied by a powerful brand-owned visual. A click on the ad takes the reader back to the actual piece of earned content in its original environment, where it is perfectly positioned to exert its credible influence.

The earned content unit can be distributed programmatically to the precise person at the right time via other paid media solutions. We can then apply the same universal measurements to earned media that would be applied to paid media.

Below we provide an overview of the typical engagement process using the Conversation2Commerce platform.


Reaping the Rewards

Conversation2Commerce from MSLGROUP places earned content at the center of integrated communications campaigns, harnessing the power of this influence to drive growth in brand and commerce. Marketers benefit from the Conversation2Commerce platform in these ways:

1. Influential earned content is turned into commerce and brand lift

Earned content is not yesterday’s news – it’s the fuel for tomorrow’s marketing engine. This form of influence helps guide peer recommendations that lead to a 2X sales increase compared to traditional advertising.

2. The platform is turnkey

Conversation2Commerce is an influence platform that enables you to turn earned content into a commerce amplifier quickly and easily.

3. Integrated thinking is built inside

The built-in intelligence of the Conversation2Commerce platform integrates the expertise of all the people on your marketing team – your experts from PR, advertising, digital, research, analytics, shopper marketing, as well as from your agency and your own team.

We intend to keep our efforts in a perpetual state of beta, continually looking for new and better breakthrough solutions to connect influence to commerce – Erin Lanuti, Chief Influence Strategist, MSLGROUP

4. Marketers can react opportunistically

Real-time influence has finally hit the rocket age. Only a powerful, process like Conversation2Commerce can bring scale and impact to the influence of earned content so quickly – in hours, not days.

5. Business RESULTS and ROI from earned content can be achieved in ways that were simply not possible before

Conversation2Commerce produces a much higher ROI from your communications budget by programmatically combining specific offers and actions with influence in a manner that is predictable and measurable.

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