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Data: Humanized.

Mon, 04/15/2019

Reading consumer data to create more efficient and result-oriented communications

Publicis Groupe in Bulgaria and SAP talked in detail at Publicis Data Day in Sofia last week on how brands can improve their digital marketing strategies and results. #DataHumanizedSofia brought together communications and data experts from SAP, MSL Germany and Publicis Spine who talked about how to better humanize consumers' insights you get from platforms to reach great results.

In the digital world, human presence is more important than ever. Behind every number and data, there is a person – a consumer of service or a product. Giving a human touch to data insights about people’s behavior and needs, help brands to create better and personalized content at each step of the consumer journey.

Publicis Groupe Bulgaria, one of the leading communication groups in the country and the global leader in marketing, communications and digital transformation, together with SAP, the market leader in creating software for corporate solutions, presented a new approach of reading.

Digitalization and digital transformation are different. Digitalization means to take the existing business models or systems and adapt them to the new technologies. Digital transformation means to change the business model according to the behavior of the modern consumer, which is changing with new technologies.

Data: Humanized was the first of its kind forum in Sofia, Bulgaria for digital marketing that took place in April 2019. The event was an end-to-end digital marketing strategy. Guests’ speakers contributed with their expertise and knowledge and connected each point during the process of building a digital marketing campaign. International speakers were Armel Bursaux, EVP, EMEA lead Data & Analytics, Publicis Spine; Adrian Rosenthal, Head of Digital & Social Media in MSL Germany; Mark de Bruijn, VP, Head of Marketing EMEA & MEE, SAP Customer Experience; John Thompson, Head of GTM MEE, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and other leaders from Publicis Groupe Bulgaria. 

Data: Humanized

Data:Humanized raised the question if companies are ready for digital transformation. There is a feeling that companies probably feel an adversity towards words like “transformation” and “big data”. Transformation, indeed, can be intimidating, especially if brands have not been analyzing and collecting proper data. However, transformation does not have to frighten companies at all. 

Brands now can get insights from software platforms. These insights allow them to work with more detailed information about consumers in order to personalize content, channels and campaigns. All this leads to taking important business decisions for products or services. Digital transformation means to change business models according to modern consumers’ behavior.

Insights are not Big Data but Thick Data. Data-driven information that answers many why-questions about consumers and show what the drivers behind their behavior are.

Digital transformation allows PR to change, adapt and perform better. Data is changing the way PR campaigns perform today. In his presentation, Adrian Rosenthal, Head of Digital and Social Media in MSL Germany says, “Data is marrying creativity”. 

In PR, we cannot talk about press clippings anymore. Analytics enable us to see beyond number of publications. Data allows PR professionals to have insights about consumers and become better prepared to build their client’s PR strategies. Data-driven insights allow professionals to think more strategically and have a better communication approach that will move consumers, lead them into action and bring impact for clients. The more detailed insights we get from thick data, the better storytelling we will have in our PR campaign. Better content, better channel planning and better ideas. Data also allows us to optimize content during the course of a campaign.

The data intelligence holds the base of analysis and strategy that combines data-driven content with creativity and effectiveness. This helps us to lead communication campaigns into impact, measure it, see the influence, and optimize content and channels. It is really technologies which have made possible to measure results in real-time. PR has transformed because of technologies that have enabled professionals to put much more meaning into their work.

In MSL, influencer relations are a key service. Data showed us that “influencers relations are the only communication activity that influencer organic search.”

In real world, people trust people. The most valuable insight and influence we can have in a communication campaign is to reach to people in the most convenient way for them. Digital transformation is possible because of people. Business models change according to the modern consumer today.

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