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Collective Intelligence at Work on MIND

Wed, 03/02/2016

By Sarika Waje , Global Knowledge Manager, MSLGROUP

After 16 brands came together to form our agency, MSLGROUP needed to spark collaboration across our network to better serve our clients. With 3,000 employees across 100 global offices, we were looking to connect our colleagues, experts, our experience and our work across offices and geographies. We needed to develop the most robust knowledge-sharing platform the industry had ever seen, something far beyond a document depository.

So, in February 2015 we launched MIND, our new interactive, social knowledge-sharing base. MIND, a Knowledge Plaza tool, gives us greater ease in sharing information with simple training. Even on a smartphone MIND is intuitive to use with features that enable you to access, follow, like, and mention. It is a dramatic step above the confluence base platform we previously used that had weak technology and user experience.

MSLGROUP MINDS - Collective Intelligence

Now our employees around the globe can easily search for credentials, brand assets, case studies and relevant experience from our various offices, access our experts and collaborate around clients and new business by asking questions right on the platform that automatically notify business leaders.

At the 22nd Mumbai Community Annual Knowledge Management conference on 22nd January 2016 I had the opportunity to showcase MIND as one of the “best knowledge management ideas of 2015”.

Knowledge Managers from multinational firms such Capgemini, iGate, eClerx, CGI, Deloitte, KPMG, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata IT services, Afcon infrastructure, CGI attended and provided some very strong feedback on MIND. Most global organizations use multiple portals or databases to share information and communicate with their colleagues, but it was clear from the reaction that what we have developed at MSLGROUP for sharing global knowledge is an ‘out-of-the-box’ and “best-in-class” creation, not only in our industry, but in business in general.

Though most of us use social networks in our private life to keep up to date and be in touch, many of us are still using emails to collaborate and communicate with our colleagues. Most of the other companies agreed that ‘the power of social learning is enormous and building social network can be the way forward for Knowledge Management. In this regard, I discovered at this conference is that MSLGROUP is fairly unique in developing a ‘customized’ social tool like MIND to manage their knowledge management requirements.

We have found that MIND makes us a more efficient global network and allows us to provide our clients with quick answers regarding our experience, identify our best experts and taps the power of the network to solve client problems.

More than 86% of MSLGROUP’s employees have engaged on the platform since its launch and MIND has become instrumental in improving our client and new business success since 2015. All our global employee engagement and mobility programs have been rolled out on MIND.

What’s most interesting is that queries for new business information or support from around our global network are managed on the platform in real time through the Case Hunt feature. MIND has handled almost 100 proposal support queries over the course of the last several months.

Here’s what MSLGROUP employees from around the world have had to say about MIND

Peter Fulcher-Meredith MIND has been really valuable in providing us with intelligence to underpin our creative approach to our event pitches and proposal. Being able to talk to the client about their brand and audiences with genuine confidence in this space is a key differentiator and a great ‘kick start’ for us with new clients. Via MIND Salter Baxter Caroline Carson helped us win a French luxury client pitch – Peter Fulcher-Meredith , Executive Producer at Luminous Experiential, MSLGROUP Hong Kong

Shelly Winkler MIND is increasingly useful as it gains more content. It is also wonderfully user friendly. MIND has not helped us in NA to win a contract but that doesn’t mean it can’t as we collaborate more across regional health practices – Shellie Winkler , Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP North America

Mark McClennan It has been very helpful for a recent pitch. I will let you know soon if we win it. Plus a client asked me for more info on a technology and the best information was on MIND – Mark McClennan , SVP MSLGROUP Americas

Jeremy Berrington Miles Donohoe and I connected via MIND regarding an aviation pitch his team was working on at EPIC. – Jeremy Berrington , VP, MSLGROUP North America

MIND represents one of the best opportunities for employees at MSLGROUP to work collaboratively around the globe. Employees can log into

Sarika Waje Sarika has 12+ years of experience in knowledge management, business development, bid support, research, and client servicing. She joined MSLGROUP in April 2013 and is responsible for building a stronger knowledge sharing culture throughout the organization. Sarika played a significant role in the launch of the new interactive social knowledge management portal MIND across global MSLGROUP offices. Prior to MSLGROUP she worked with Capgemini Consulting, Patni Computer Systems, HDFC Ltd, Netscribes and Netdecisions. Connect with her on Twitter @wajesari.

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