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Are we on the cusp of a step change in health behaviours?

Fri, 01/04/2019

According to weekend headlines, this week’s annual Ofsted Report will highlight that the solution to tackling spiralling levels of obesity lies in the home. The clear message is that parents should not ‘abdicate responsibility’.

By Alison Dunlop, Managing Director, Health Sector, MSL UK

By the time children start primary school, almost a quarter of children in England are obese or overweight, underlining the urgency in adopting healthier lifestyles. But leaving the responsibility for making healthy choices to individuals and families alone is not enough to stem the tide of this chronic condition.

New figures from NHS Digital reveal that diabetes prescriptions have now soared to more than £1 billion a year, with treatments for largely preventable type-2 diabetes now accounting for nine out of ten cases.

Patient groups, healthcare professionals and marketers operating across the health spectrum have long been championing healthy choices and healthy lifestyles. And yet the need for better health prevention becomes increasingly critical.

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